Sunday, September 13, 2009

STATISTICS Video Lectures - Indiana University

Lecture 01, Data and Statistics
Lecture 02, Descriptive Statistics- Tabular and Graphical Me
Lecture 03, Descriptive Statistics- Tabular and Graphical Me
Lecture 04, Descriptive Statistics- Numerical Methods I
Lecture 05, Descriptive Statistics- Numerical Methods II
Lecture 06, Introduction to Probability I
Lecture 07, Introduction to Probability II
Lecture 08, Discrete Probability Distributions I
Lecture 09, Discrete Probability Distributions II
Lecture 10, Continuous Probability Distributions I
Lecture 11, Continuous Probability Distributions II
Lecture 13, Sampling & Sampling Distributions I
Lecture 14, Sampling & Sampling Distributions II
Lecture 15, Interval Estimation I
Lecture 16, Interval Estimation II
Lecture 17, Hypothesis Testing I
Lecture 18, Hypothesis Testing II
Lecture 19, Hypothesis Testing III
Lecture 20, Comparisons Involving Means I
Lecture 21, Comparisons Involving Means II
Lecture 22, Comparisons Involving Proportions I
Lecture 23, Comparisons Involving Proportions II
Lecture 25, Regression Analysis I
Lecture 26, Regression Analysis II
Lecture 27, Regression Analysis III
Lecture 28, Forecasting I
Lecture 29, Forecasting II

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